All types of Forestry work carry multiple types of benefits. The most notable of these are benefits to wildlife, timber quality, and aesthetics.

A forest stand 5 years following FSI.

Aesthetic Benefits

  • Following FSI treatments, forests appear straighter, more well spaced, as well as being more open so that you can see through the understory
  • Ecosystem Renovation treatments restore the beauty of natural systems
  • A quality forest is a beautiful forest

Forest Stand 5 years following FSI, note the spacing of the trees, allowing for better nutrient gathering by all.

Timber Quality Benefits

  • Better overall species composition
  • Better overall stem quality
  • Better spacing between trees to allow for optimum nutrient distribution

Note the green-browse in the understory, which provides food for wildlife, along with the acorns from the predominantly oak overstory.

Wildlife Benefits

  • Improved habitat given by all treatments
  • More abundant food supply in green browse, nuts, and berries
  • Ecosystem Renovations provide specialty species with a place to thrive